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Why Trainline's Price Prediction tool will work for your business

Top-class PA? HR extraordinaire? Office-managing ninja? Whoever you are, it’s fair to say that a superhuman level of organisation is expected from you. Perhaps even more so when it comes to business travel.

You’re expected to get everyone from A to B, in the most efficient way possible. And for the best price. But how are you meant to know when is the best time to book train tickets? Well, Trainline for Business has the solution.

Trainline for Business’ Price Prediction tool will have your colleagues thinking you’ve got psychic abilities. How? By letting you know when Advance ticket fares are going to go up. Take a look at why it might just work for your business no matter what industry you’re in...

For the Marketing Agencies

With a foosball table and fridge full of craft beers in the kitchen, your office may appear laid-back. But that doesn’t mean you don’t like a bit of forward-planning. With pitches across the city - or even the country - you’ll be in the need for cheap train travel. Trainline’s Price Prediction tool will allow you to monitor Advance fares and track when the price is about to go up. As soon as you know where a pitch or conference is going to be, you can track the route. This will allow you to know the latest possible time to book those advance fare tickets. Handy, huh?

For the Sales Team

Planning an important funding pitch? Or got a trip coming up to schmooze some clients? If you’re looking after a team of larger-than-life sales people, chances are, they’re going to be doing a fair bit of travel. The Trainline App will allow your team to save frequently-used routes, and as before, track those Advance fares. Even if they score an amazing deal with a client, that doesn’t mean those travel savings won’t be appreciated.

For those in Construction

With off-site projects and important client meetings, Trainline’s Price Prediction tool could come in incredibly handy for those in the construction business. Whether you’re frequently heading to a site or visiting a client, those trips across the city will add up. Knowing when Advance fares are going to go up could save your business a lot of money. 

For an Events Company

You’ve got the party attendees dotted across the country, the venue out of town, and the suppliers across the city - that does make for a lot of travel. Monitor those daily fares on the Trainline App. You can track those Advance fares for those longer less frequent trips and watch the savings role in.

For Accountants and Auditors

Working as an auditor may, to those not in the know, seem like a job that is just all spreadsheets and numbers. Perhaps it is, but there’s also a fair bit of travel involved. Whether you’ve got colleagues heading to the Highlands, or just need a train ticket to Luton, it’s fair to say that a lot of miles will be covered by your team. It’s handy to have the proof that it’s time to book those train tickets in the palm of your hand with the Price Prediction tool.

Whether your company is on the go all the time, or making infrequent journeys, it always helps to know when is the most cost efficient time to book is. Trainline for Business can help with its handy Price Prediction tool. Register with Trainline for Business and see how they can help you save on your business travel. Visit Trainline for Business to find out more.

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