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Five ways to save time booking and managing travel with Trainline for Business

Travel by train with Trainline for business

A third of our leisure customers were also using their Trainline account for business travel.

When we realised a third of our leisure customers were also using their Trainline account for business travel, we knew we could make something that would simplify the schedules of many more busy-workers.

Trainline for Business is a separate online business account that gives multiple employees access to booking and travel info, and helps you stay in control of journey arrangements and expenses.

5 ways to save time booking and managing travel…

1. Quick booking

The BDO’s Monthly Business Trends Indices shows optimism is growing in a number of business sectors, such as manufacturing – and many can be expected to invest in expanding their company and client lists. That means a lot of business travellers moving between meetings with potential partners, customers and investors.

Trainline for Business shows journey options from all UK rail companies and lets you book from every one of them with a single click. If you’re enabled as a ‘booker’, you can reserve tickets for a whole group in one go, regardless of where their journey starts.

2. Staying in touch

Often, the reality of getting from A to B happens in such a whirlwind that communication can be tough – and that’s where Trainline for Business comes in.

It’s easy to add your colleagues to your business profile; just head to the ‘Employees’ section and send out personal invites directly to their work email. Once they’re signed up, they’ll be able to see all of their bookings and you’ll be free from forwarding confirmations.

3. Cutting queue times

One of the biggest benefits of our app is that there’s no more queuing at the station to buy or collect tickets. Mobile tickets are available on many UK routes, so you can simply open your account to access it and avoid juggling multiple tickets for separate trips and passengers.

By adding individual profiles for each of your colleagues, you can also make life easier for them, instantly assigning mobile tickets they’ll be able to access from their phone.

4. Problem-solving

It doesn’t matter how often we’re told to ‘expect the unexpected’; sometimes you need a helping hand to plan for life’s twists and turns. Trainline for Business helps you avoid some of those unforeseen obstacles by providing real-time journey information like arrival times and platform numbers, so if you arrive in the nick of time, you can go straight to your train without having to detour to the departures board.

5. Easier invoicing

Trainline for Business means you can easily keep track of your budget and spend when you’re making multiple bookings. By adding a company credit or debit card to the account, you make sure the right bank always gets the bill: no more using personal cards and then expensing.

The Cost Centre section also allows you to sort journeys according to custom job number, project code or department and send digital receipts directly to the right person. And if you already have an in-house accounting system with Expensify or Concur, you can even connect your Trainline for Business profile to export data directly.

For an efficient approach to organising business trips, it’s crucial to be able to centralise your bookings – including expenses – and cut out the extra work in forwarding and sharing reservations and information. Sign up to Trainline for Business and start saving time today.



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