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Get saving with Trainline’s Price Prediction tool

We’re really excited to launch our brand-new Price Prediction tool, available now in the Trainline App. This nifty tool helps you save money by letting you know when it’s the best (and cheapest) time to book Advance train tickets.

We know Advance rail ticket pricing is complicated and it’s easy to miss out on opportunities to save. With Price Prediction, we’re increasing transparency around ticket costs by giving you access to all the information you need to get the best price for your journey. Trainline customers currently save an average of 51% on Advance fares versus Anytime fares purchased on the day of travel. Now, with Price Prediction, you’ll be able to save an average of 49% when you buy on the day you first search for the journey.

So how does it work?

The way the Price Prediction tool works is delightfully simple. All you do is search your journey times and let the app do the rest. Our tech uses billions of data points from customer journey searches to predict when Advance tickets are likely to increase in price over time. Price Prediction gets it right 72% of the time but as we continue to collect journey search data, the tool’s accuracy will improve day by day.

But what does it actually mean for you?

We know what you’re thinking ‘I already know booking early saves me money’ but where Price Prediction gets really clever is when it tells you exactly how long you can leave it before prices jump up. Let’s see how this plays out some real-life scenarios:

1. Footie season is upon us

If you’re a United or City fan, you’ll want to know how much you could save on a standard class Advance single fare from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. By purchasing your ticket 80 days before the date of travel, the fare is a mere £32. Book on the day of travel and that rises to £126.

With Price Prediction you’ll be able to see precisely how late you can leave it and still get a good deal. When you search for the journey, you’ll see that 41 days before travel, your ticket will set you back just £38 but just 13 days before, it’s still only £42. Even booking just two days in advance, the ticket costs £87, saving you £39.

2. Christmas is coming

At Christmas and other peak times, there’s even more pressure to book ahead. Buying Advance fares on the day they are released for sale, usually around 12 weeks before the day of travel, is almost always the best way to secure the cheapest fare. But sometimes, you’re just not ready to book that far in advance. Maybe you’ve had an extravagant month and you’re thinking of waiting until after pay day. With Price Prediction, you’ll be able to figure out if you can get away with waiting or if it’s better to fork out now.

3. Meet up with mates

You’re trying to organise your annual reunion with a bunch of friends, but getting everyone to actually buy their tickets is giving you a headache. With Price Prediction, you can screenshot the price increases from the App and prove that the price of their train ticket is about to go up and hey presto, everyone’s on board.

Now you’re talking...

Having the option to take the uncertainty out of fare increases means you’re more likely to get a good deal when you book. So what are you waiting for? Get predicting now!



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