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What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure adds an authentication step for online payments. We use 3D secure as a fraud prevention measure, as it provides an additional security layer for online purchases made with credit and debit cards. 

The intention behind this system is to decrease the risk of credit card fraud. This is why we require this extra verification through 3D secure, before we process your payment with your bank. If your 3D Secure verification fails, you will not be charged. 

3D Secure does not work! What do I do?

If the 3D Secure verification isn't working (possibly due to a connection failure or incorrect password) please try the following steps:

1. Attempt the payment again. Make sure you are entering the correct password or SMS net code. If your bank does not support 3D Secure or you have not yet enrolled, please refer to the information below.
2. Disable your pop-up blocker for a few minutes. 3D Secure opens up in a additional window that is easily blocked by pop-up blockers.
3. If it still doesn’t work get in touch with us.
I received my 3D Secure payment confirmation SMS, but the amount was different to my payment on the site. Why?

You have most likely paid for a mixed reservation: a SNCF train ticket + an OUIGO or OUIBUS ticket.

Even though they appear to be processed identically on our site, OUIGO and OUIBUS payments are actually processed externally (by the carriers themselves) whilst payments for SNCF tickets are handled by Trainline. So when you pay for a mixed reservation, two separate payments are created. It's most likely that only the SNCF payment was verified by 3D Secure. Therefore you will only have seen the amount for this ticket in your SMS confirmation, as only that particular payment was verified. 

This explains any differences in payment amount which appear in your SMS confirmation and the total charge deducted from your credit card. 

MasterCard SecureCode/NetCode

For 3D Secure transactions as a MasterCard user, you will either have created a SecureCode password or your bank will send you a NetCode via SMS. You just have to enter either of these when prompted by the 3D Secure screen.

If you have not yet enrolled for a MasterCard SecureCode/NetCode you can do it now (if it is supported by your financial institution).

Verified by Visa

Visa cardholders will either have to enter their pre-determined security password which they have set up with their financial institution. If you have forgotten this password, you will have to click the reset password link. The exact process will depend on your bank.

If you have not yet enrolled with Verified by Visa, you can click here if you’re a European Visa cardholder or here if you’re an international Visa cardholder.

Safekey by American Express

The 3D Secure program by American Express is called SafeKey. SafeKey helps reduces unauthorised online use of your credit card before it happens by validating your identity with an additional password or unique value. You can read more about this by clicking here.

If your bank does not yet participate in this 3D Secure program and you are having difficulties with your payment, then please click here to contact Trainline.

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