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What are Mobile Tickets and etickets

Mobile Tickets and etickets are two of our ticket delivery options. They’re slightly different, but they both mean you can open your ticket on your phone. etickets are a bit more usable as you don't need our app to use them on your phone, and unlike with Mobile tickets you have the option to print a paper copy.

So, what are the differences between Mobile Tickets and etickets? Click on the drop-down sections below to learn more about each option.  

To use a Mobile Ticket you’ll need to download our app, if you haven’t already got it. Your ticket will then be available in a couple of taps, plus it’ll stay visible even after you’ve used it – handy if you need to keep track of your journeys.  

How to get a Mobile Ticket

  1. Search for your train ticket using our app or our website. 
  2. If you can use a Mobile Ticket for your route, you’ll see this as a collection option. Choose ‘Mobile Ticket’.
  3. Open our app and tap ‘My tickets’. You’ll find your tickets in there. 
  4. You’ll need to activate your Mobile Ticket. Once you do this you won’t be able to cancel your ticket or get a refund. Just select your ticket in our app and tap ‘Activate tickets’. 
  5. Once activated, your ticket will change colour. You don’t need phone signal to do this, but just make sure you have enough battery to show your phone to a ticket inspector.  

etickets come to you as a PDF attachment on an email. You can then either open the PDF and show it on your phone screen, print the PDF to paper and use it just like you would use a paper ticket, or download our app and open your ticket in there to use just like a Mobile Ticket.  

How to get an eticket

  1. Search for your train ticket using our app or our website.  
  2. Choose ‘eticket’ as your ticket delivery option.  
  3. We’ll send you an email with your tickets attached as a PDF (if you book multiple journeys you’ll get separate emails for each one).  
  4. Open the PDF on your phone, you might want to save it to your device in Apple Wallet or download it to our app. You can also print the PDF if you prefer.
  5. At the station, scan your barcode on a gate that has a scanner and the gate will open. If your station doesn’t have a gate with a scanner, don’t worry, just show a member of staff and they’ll let you through.  

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