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How do I change my booking?

Need to get to where you’re going a bit earlier or later than you planned? No problem. Take a look at the type of ticket you’ve got and then see how you can get your journey back on track. 

These types of ticket can’t be changed, sorry. But, they are refundable so you can cancel these and buy the new ones you want. Just check out our FAQ for cancelling bookings.

Just to remind you that these tickets are flexible tickets, so it’s worth first double checking to see if they are valid for the new time or date you want to travel.

Good news! If you have an account, you can now change Advance Single tickets online – no need to phone us.

These tickets cannot be refunded but they can be changed for a different time/date of travel, so long as you stick to the same departure and arrival stations.

Here is some more detail to help you decide whether you want to change...

  • You must change your ticket at least 15 mins before your original train is due to depart
  • We refund you whichever ticket is the lowest priced between your original or new ticket
  • From this we deduct a change fee based on the value of the ticket
  • To request a change online then all tickets for your trip must be changed*

The breakdown of change fees for a single ticket are as follows. -

If you chose to print your own tickets then the terms are different so please read about them here.

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