How do I print a Print-Your-Own ticket?

If you choose our Print-Your-Own ticket option, we’ll send you two emails. The first one is your booking confirmation and will arrive instantly. But, this isn’t your ticket and can’t be used for travel. The second email we’ll send you about two hours later. This email will have a link in it which will take you to a page where you can download and print your ticket. 

Open the second email on a computer or device that’s linked to a printer. Click the link that says "Download and print" in your email. Your ticket will be a PDF file format, which most up-to-date browsers can open. If yours can’t you’ll be given the option to install this software. 

Don’t forget

As well as your printed ticket, you’ll need to carry some form of ID (Passport, driving license, credit/debit card) with you when you travel. 

If you used your Railcard to get a discount, make sure you bring that with you too. Your ticket won’t be valid without it.