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Are two Single tickets cheaper than a Return ticket?

Sometimes, but it varies. The price you pay for your ticket depends on a few things –

  • How far in advance you book your ticket
  • The route, date and time you’re travelling
  • Your ticket type

The cheapest ticket option available tends to be Advance Single tickets. These popular tickets are often super cheap because of how early they can be booked (they’re available 12 weeks before the date of travel). While these tickets only come as Single options, you can be savvy and mix and match two Advance Single tickets to make up a return journey.  

The best way to find the cheapest option available is to search for your journey on our website or our app. We automatically highlight the cheapest ticket. Our Price Prediction tool also gives you a heads up as to when the cost of that ticket will go up, so you can book at the best price.

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