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How we helped Oviva cut down their travel costs

“Oviva’s clinical and operational staff work closely with our NHS partners, with frequent meetings around the UK, so having Trainline for Business as a reliable central platform to book all of our train travel has increased transparency over our costs and saved staff time on bookings.”

What are Oviva? 

Oviva are a digital nutrition company that treats patients with a wide range of health conditions through a healthcare app. They combine expert advice from a dietitian with unique technology to help people reduce the obstacles to achieving a healthier diet. Their approach has been shown with the NHS to improve access to care and provide greater health benefits than current approaches. Their staff work across the UK with the NHS, so are always on the move.  

How we helped them 

Oviva’s team work closely with their NHS partners, so regularly book train travel around the UK to attend meetings and workshops. Before, travel was often left to the last minute, tickets were booked at the station and then expensed. So, a typical return journey could cost the company over £100. Budgets were tight, so this meant reduced face-to-face meetings, slower progressions with projects due to lengthy email trails and intermittent meetings over the phone, interrupted by signal and software issues.

As the travel costs built up, Oviva approached us to discuss ways they could simplify their travel booking experience, and ultimately save themselves some money.

We set Oviva up with a Trainline for Business account and assigned a member of our Edinburgh-based team to be their sole contact. That meant, whenever they wanted to book train travel, Oviva had a simple solution – contact us and we’d find the cheapest ticket for them. Our platform has a Price Prediction tool that shows when the cheapest Advance tickets are. Not only that, but we also add the relevant bookings to the company account and match them to the correct cost centre code. In a click, the Financial lead, Dorothy, could see all the ins and outs of the company’s funds.  

The results 

Booking Advance tickets through our Trainline for Business platform has cut the cost of Oviva’s travel by 33% overall. Now, tickets that could have cost around £100 when booked on the day, can be found as cheap as £10. Oviva have now been able to attend more regular meetups with their NHS stakeholders, resulting in a faster release of their new product.

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