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Things that always happen at the station when getting a long-distance train

Spring is just about here and with it comes many opportunities for mini breaks across the UK and beyond. Whether you’re planning a city break with friends or just want to take a trip home to see the family, if you are travelling by train, these things will inevitably happen to you when you arrive at the station…

You will confuse train travel with flying and turn up about an hour and half early for your train… you know, just to give yourself plenty of time to print your ticket and all that.

The ticket machine will not work first time round and you will panic.

You will then realise that it is just a temperamental machine after kicking up a fuss with the nearest station employee…

Just as an FYI, this whole scene can be avoided by using mobile tickets. They are available for 45% of the UK’s train routes and allow you to access your ticket straight away on your phone. So no more queues for the ticket machine!

Despite all the faffing, you will still have at least an hour before your train departs. You will stare at the clock and regret not lying in bed for another half hour.

You will decide that you need sustenance for the journey ahead. There is no way you will make it through a 4-hour train journey without a day’s worth of food.

You will treat yourself to an M&S lunch and will buy things that you would normally never eat in a normal situation. Crab and avocado sushi with a side of fancy quinoa yoghurt anyone…?

You will also justify buying a sharing size box of Rocky Roads for the journey ahead… And you will end up eating them all to yourself.

While you are at it, you will decide to grab a book from WH Smith… but realise you are kidding yourself and leave with three trashy magazines instead.

You will have a moment of panic when you can’t automatically locate your ticket in your bag. This will happen at least three times. If only you had a mobile ticket… then this would no longer be an issue…just saying.

With 20 minutes to spare, you decide to grab a syrupy over-priced coffee.

Then realise that you need the loo… but 30p is too expensive anyways…

You stare at your route on the departures board and will the platform number to show up.

It finally shows up. You have 10 minutes to walk the 2 minutes to your carriage… but everyone around you is run-walking and it makes you panic and do the same.

You realise that your hands are taken up with luggage, food and coffee and your ticket is out of reach. You perform a series of juggling manoeuvres to get it and still manage to spill your coffee.

You will have lost time hunting for your ticket and will have to perform the awkward suitcase-run to the platform.

You finally make it onto the train and into your seat. You enjoy a moment of calm as the train sets off. Then you see the ticket conductor approaching… now where did you put that ticket again…

Say farewell to rummaging through your bag (and the fear of not being able to find your ticket!) with mobile tickets. Buy and download your ticket on the app and have it ready to use in just a couple of taps – making your journey, and your time at the station, just a little bit smoother…



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