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The best Mother's Day present? You!

Valentine’s Day is done, so is Pancake Day. That can only mean one thing – Mother’s Day is on the way. When is Mother's Day 2018? Sunday 11th March – burn this date into your brain, it’s a big deal.

Sure, a bunch of flowers or a witty card in the post is nice. But, a surprise visit from her favourite offspring is sure to make mum feel super special. Here are some reasons why you should hop on a train (or coach, we do that now too) to see mother dearest and give her a big ol’ hug.

She gave you life

Literally no present on Earth is more amazing than that. Except, maybe a banana?


She'll cook your favourite dinner

Whether your mum could give Mary Berry a run for her money, or she couldn’t cook potato smileys without burning them, nothing quite beats a home-cooked meal. And, you could always give her the night off and order pizza.

Favourite dinner

She's always happy to see you

Mum hugs, they’re the best. Even if it’s only been a couple of weeks, you’re sure to get a great welcome.


She's always proud of you

Having a tough time at work? Got relationship issues? If you’re feeling down, mum’s always there to remind you how awesome you are, so you ought to make a trip to return the love every now and then.

High five

She's done so much for you over the years

Your washing, ironing, cooking, homework – you name it, mum’s done it. So, she deserves a day to feel special.

Treat yourself

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