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The 9 stages of a UK heatwave

It’s happened, the weather forecasters have predicted a week-long heatwave.

Stage One: The Weather Forecast

You can tell this is the forecaster’s favourite show of the year, and they go all out with weather descriptions worthy of an English Lit A level. “The heat is on as blazing Britain melts through six sweltering days of sizzling sunshine….” Their excitement turns into your excitement. Cue stage two…

Stage Two: Celebrate Good Times

Let the summer planning commence, sure the August Bank Holiday is the beginning of the end of summer, but it’s going to be a blast.

Stage Three: Day dreaming

Your mind naturally wanders, transforming your town into a shimmering paradise. Even abandoned crisp packets glitter like jewels in the sun. But you don’t need to stay in your hometown, it’s a bank holiday baby!

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Stage Four: Summer style...

Get your summer stuff back out the “loft-pile”, now is the time for FULL ON summer style, short-shorts, shades and sun hats.

Stage Five: Boo. I have work.

Reality hits. You have to work, meanwhile (according to the telly) everyone and his dog is out enjoying the Saharan temperatures except you.

Stage Six: Work has Air Con….

There’s always a silver lining, and while people swelter outside you can spend your lunch hour cool as a cucumber making plans for the Bank Holiday like a sun-god.

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Stage Seven: Google “things to do in oven-like temperatures”

Start searching for ways to perfect the long-weekend. Common searches at times like these may include: Beaches, roof top bars, and 100 perfect picnic spots for heatwave weather….

Stage Eight: The mass text

Just in case your friends hadn’t realised they’ve practically melted, you need to rally the squad ready for a weekend of fun in the sun. Basically, heatwave = party.

You’ve got the buy-in from everyone, the boss has even bought everyone ice lollies (if you are a boss, and you haven’t bought the ice lollies, go now….), all that’s left to do is book your train tickets to paradise. You can do that right here.

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