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Five hacks for smooth travelling this Christmas


Train in the snow


So, this is Christmas! Stations are bound to be busier, as more of us take trips to visit friends and family for the holidays. This year, make your travels a breeze with these five simple tips.


1. Book Advance tickets, obvs

Whether it’s the endless parties or those novelty jumpers you only wear once, the festive season’s normally a time when budget goes out the window. But, booking your train tickets in advance means you’ll save on average 43%, compared with buying a non-Advanced fare just a few days before.

 If you’re searching for tickets on our app, our Price Prediction tool will tell you when the price is expected to go up, so you’ll know how long you can leave it, if you’re waiting for pay day.

You can even sign up to a Ticket Alert, and we’ll tell you as soon as the cheapest tickets for your preferred journey go on sale.


2. Travel Off-Peak

Travelling Off-Peak’s a win-win situation. Not only will your ticket be cheaper, but you’ll more than likely get a seat, so you can finish off any last-minute present wrapping. Check the times on our website to see if your ticket’s Peak, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak.


3. Download our app

Thanks to real-time updates on our app, you’re in for a smooth journey this Christmas. We’ll keep you posted with where your train is, what time it’ll arrive, and at which platform.

We’ll even show you where the seats are on your train. Learn more about how to find the elusive last seat with BusyBot.

4. Go paperless

Whizz past the queues at the ticket machines and use your phone as your ticket instead. Mobile Tickets are available on selected routes and are downloaded straight to your phone on our app.




5. Pack lighti

If you’re visiting friends and family this Christmas and you come bearing gifts, check out Doddle. Order from your favourite online retailers and make Doddle your delivery address, so you can collect your parcels when you get to your destination.  



Want to get into the festive spirit? Travel by train to Europe’s best Christmas Markets this winter.



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