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Celebrate Grandparents Day in person

Grandparents’ Day might be an American tradition but, like most things, it’s slowly made its way across the pond. Celebrated in the UK this year on Sunday 7th October 2018, National Grandparents Day is the perfect time to pay a visit to your dear old relativesBook your train ticket in advance and you could save 51% on average*  maybe splash out and buy them a bunch of flowers with the money you’ve saved.  

We’ve all got busy lives but spending time with family is important, so make an effort this year. Here are our top reasons to visit your grandparents.  

They make the best food 

Something’s got to be said about grandad’s crispy roast potatoes, or nan’s lemon drizzle sponge! Most grandparents grew up before the days of take aways and ready meals, so they had to learn things from scratch, we’re talking real cooking, Bake Off kinda stuff. And, let’s face it, they’re always telling us we’re getting too thin and offering us a second helping – to which, we’re happy to oblige…  

They spoil you rotten

Most of us have our grandparents wrapped around our little finger, and who doesn’t love being spoiled from time to time. They were the ones who let us stay up past bedtime, sneak us in a packet of sweets when mum or dad aren’t looking, and sometimes hand over a crumpled fiver to “buy yourself something nice with”.  

Their tech knowledge is adorable

If you’re lucky, your grandparents are tech savvy. But, let’s face it, most of ours think Apple is something that belongs in a fruit bowl, and a tablet is something you take if you’re feeling poorly. Luckily, our app is super-easy to use, making it simple to book train or coach tickets in an instant, regardless of your tech abilities.

They tell the best stories

If your grandparents ever start a sentence with “When I was young…” or, “Back in my day…” you know you’re in for a treat. Our nans and grandads’ stories of growing up, their first loves and how the world around them has changed so much are pure gold and something to be treasured. Stick the kettle on and ask them about their childhood. To be honest, they’ve probably told you the story once or five times! 

They give the best advice

Remember, they’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. Exam stress, relationship dramas, job uncertainty – whatever your problems, a chat with nan or grandad and things seem a bit brighter.  

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They have loads of weird and wonderful treasures 

Our grandparents have been on this earth for a fair few years, so they’re bound to have collected the odd treasure through the years. Some collect the more standard things like perfume bottles, stamps and coasters, but you never know, your nan or grandad might have something seriously wacky tucked away in the attic – sometimes it’s better not to ask.  

A phone call or email just isn't the same 

Sure, thanks to the likes of Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram, sharing your lives with your relatives is much easier. But, there’s nothing quite like a hug from nan, or the smell of grandad’s aftershave as he gives you a whiskery kiss (bless).  

Hop on the train to see your grandparents this October, just in time for National Grandparents’ Day. Find cheap train tickets for travel in the UK today on our app 

* Average savings on all fares booked at least one week before day of travel vs Anytime fares purchased on day of travel. Subject to availability. Excludes coach. 


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