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Apple Pay for Trainline

Do you know you can use Apple Pay with Trainline?

Apple Pay is pretty nifty, it lets you use your iPhone like a bank card, you can pay using your fingerprint and all your details are stored securely on your device. At Trainline we love to make things faster and easier (it’s our “thing”), that’s why we’re one of the first to implement it in our app and on desktop.

This is great news because it means…

  • No more entering your details
  • No more remembering your secure pay password (how does anyone remember this?!)
  • No more searching for your wallet

It’s one step closer to going fully digital, and our team is excited; John Davies, our Retail Director has said –

“Trainline is proud to lead digital innovation in the rail industry.  By placing customers at the heart of everything we do, we are helping train operators transform the way train tickets are both purchased and delivered, giving a much better customer experience and in turn, encouraging more people to choose train travel, more often.”

For more details on how it works, and why you should try it, check out our information page here.



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