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7 reasons why our mobile app is for you

Trainline mobile app

Whether you travel by train to work, make frequent trips home from uni by rail or enjoy regularly hopping on a train at the weekends to explore somewhere new, if you travel by rail often, you’ll know the day-to-day drill of train travel.

The lengthy ticket queues, the out-of-order machines, the panic when you can’t automatically locate your ticket and the wads of ancient tickets taking over your pockets.

What if we told you there was a better way? Enter Trainline’s App, that for you frequent train travelers is going to be your new commuting BFF. Read on to discover why…

You’ll have the station’s departures board in your pocket

No longer will you have to wait ‘til you are rushing through the station door to see when your next train is. With the Trainline app, you’ll be able to search for live departure and arrival times in just a few taps, as well as platform numbers and live updates on delays and alterations. Plus, it saves your most frequently searched routes, making them even easier to access.

It’ll help you streamline your journey

With the Trainline App, you’ll never have to stand in queue again (for train tickets that is, let’s not get too persnickety!). Search and buy your ticket on the move and head straight for the platform when you arrive at the station.

You’ll never forget your railcard

If you buy your tickets with a railcard, the app will remember and automatically show you prices with the discount applied. Your mobile ticket also has a reminder in bold for you to bring it with you so you can avoid those hefty fines. It’s ideal for those of us who are a tad forgetful.

You don’t need internet to use a mobile ticket

You don’t need to worry about eating up data when showing your mobile ticket. Hurrah, it’s available offline! Just remember to activate it on Trainline’s mobile app before leaving the house or office.

It makes trip planning simple

You can let people know your ETA or upcoming travel plans in a few taps by sharing your journey details via the ‘Manage my Booking’ function on the app. You can now easily humble brag that you are bound for Paris, or calm overbearing parents with the knowledge that you are definitely on your way home via WhatsApp, Facebook or email. Plus, it shares a link to live journey updates, so you (and those pesky parents of yours) can relax…

It’ll impress your boss

If you frequently travel for business then you can impress your employer with your forward thinking and diligence by using the expensing function to send your journey details and costs by email or even through expensing apps such as Concur and Expensify. Having to do expenses has never been so simple…

It’s still got all the perks of a regular ticket

If your journey is via one of the 45% of routes available on Mobile Tickets, you can still buy online or by phone (just remember to request a Mobile Ticket), cancel and change your ticket as normal. So really, it’s got everything you need and more!



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