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5 things you can do with your tiny ticket machine


When it comes to the day to day things, it’s fair to say we are creatures of habit. From your morning routine to your daily lunch order, it’s easy to fall into the same patterns and repetitions… The same can be said for taking the train. Whether you’re a frequent traveller or a once-in-a-blue-moon train-user, when we arrive at the station, we all tend to make a bee-line for the ticket machine to print off our paper tickets for the journey ahead.

But what if we told you there was a better way? Read on to see how your tiny ticket machine can change the way you get from A to B.

Skip the queues

Yes, as Brits, queuing is quite literally (except not really) part of our DNA. But when it is 8.15am and the queue at the ticket office is 10-people deep, it’d be nice to ditch the line and jump straight on the train. With mobile tickets, there is no need to print, all you need is a bit of battery on your phone and you’re good to go. So, no more getting mildly agitated by the person rummaging in their purse to pay for their ticket with loose change.

Make your journey smooth

Paper tickets have exactly the information for you need, and no more. Your destination, the time of departure, the price… But if there is a delay or alteration, you won’t know until you’ve arrived at the station – and that’s not very handy. Get yourself a mobile ticket on the Trainline app and you’ll have access to live train times and updates. Plus, if you are running late and need to know what platform to make the mad dash to, the app will notify you a little bit beforehand. Talk about streamlining your journey!

Save the planet

Yeah you can recycle, but who needs the extra hassle? Rather than wasting paper, download the Trainline app and switch to tickets on your phone you’ll be doing your bit to save the planet. Pretty sweet huh?

No more ticket-finding fumble

We’ve all been there – the moment of panic when you can’t find your ticket amongst the wads of seat reservations and collection receipts. When your ticket is on your phone, you no longer need to have a weekly clear out and you won’t have to shuffle between 30 identical tickets to find the one with the correct date on it. Your ticket will be right in your hand. Keeping you, and the train conductor, happy.

Book from the comfort of, well, wherever

Need to book last minute, or change your trip? Realised you need to leave a bit earlier than anticipated? With paper tickets, this would normally mean a trip to your local station’s ticket office. Switch to mobile, and you can switch up your tickets* from wherever you are, on your mobile. Nice…

Convinced to make the switch? Find out if your route is one of the 45% that are available with mobile tickets and download the Trainline app here to start streamlining your journey.

*available for selected ticket types, terms and conditions apply.



Trainline app, mobile tickets

The mobile ticket experience

Mobile tickets are the effortless new way to travel by train – simply activate your ticket in the app and scan it at the ticket gate. No need to print, no need to queue. It's basically like having superpowers.

You can learn more about mobile tickets here.

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