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10 Reasons you need a reunion right now

So, you graduated and moved back in with the rents. You’re about to start a great internship or maybe head off on a final travelling spree, the world is enormous and it is yours….BLINK…suddenly a full year has passed. Your best friends are 10 messages below your boss on text and you are reading a blog about reunions.

   (NB. Our app is so fast you could have already booked a train ticket to see your besties. Book a ticket right now.)

1. Kerching!

You still get “young person” discounts, so you might as well go mad for under-30’s theatre offers and max out on 16-25 rail tickets and never, never, never stop for anyone, tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young 

2. Adulting sucks 

The big wide world is a tough gig, there are a lot of big issues for the “youth of today” and despite the perfect impression social media gives, your buddies might need to hug it out.

3. Remember when…

It can feel like an age since you last had a good laugh together, and laughs about old times are the best. You know the kind that start you laughing inexplicably on the daily commute, snorting to yourself in the supermarket queue and longing for the days gone by. 

4. Student Food

Getting together with your uni pals is one of the only times you can revert to ye olde student food habits. Pizza, kebab, pizza, toast, more pizza, good times. Oh those days before your desk job caused your metabolism to flag.

5. Coupling Up

Someone in the friendship group will probably get engaged, married or have a baby soon. They might already be doing it, right now, you need to get your reunion groove on before they morph into an actual adult. (Get them a room, and a Two Together Railcard).

6. Housemates

You were really close to your housemates because you lived together, but now you’ve all got new housemates and they’re hustling in on your besties! Ease the pain with a meet and greet to get acquainted with the newbs then you can share the love, rather than the rivalry.

7. Miles and miles

  Cars are great, but if you need to drive one million miles to see each friend, it is going to get expensive. Bye bye money. Use Trainline’s postcode search to locate a station perfectly in the middle, and save an average 43% on advanced fares*.

8. Adventure ahead

Now you’ve all moved away from Uni there are whole new undiscovered destinations to explore. Where is the best brunch nearby? And is the local museum all its cracked up to be?

9. Sibling updates

As with some friends, siblings who were only children at Graduation will now be making a name for themselves. Usually big, scary achievements that you need to adjust to like MBE or CEO…

10. BFFs 

Text your BFFs, do it right now, tell them you are on your way and arrange that reunion because it’s never too late to keep in touch. You can book your tickets here, don’t forget your 16-25 Railcard.


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