British Railway Station Openings - the data behind our visualisation

Earlier this year, the Guardian Datablog released “the most comprehensive dataset about Britain’s train stations ever published.” The dataset contains all of the rail stations currently operating in the UK. We combined this data with the dates the stations opened, which ranged from 1812 to 2010 (source: Wikipedia).

Inspired by 2 animated maps showing the about the growth of post offices and Costco in America, we created a similar piece showing the expansion of British railway stations. The piece tells an interesting visual story of the industrial and economic growth of Great Britain.

It’s worth noting that the dataset does not include stations which were previously open but have since closed. We would have loved to include these data points, but a comprehensive and reliable data source for these was not available. With this caveat in mind though, we feel the resulting piece still paints an interesting picture of the last 200 years in Britain.

To view our visualisation of British Railway Station openings over time click here

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